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- I -  The Contract

This contract is made between Tigress Sport Ltd (The Business), registered in England and owned by Susan Glenny and Brian Jokat,. 62 uphill way,Uphill, Avon, BS23 4TN . VAT Reg 248 4087 86 and any person (s) (the Client) booking with Tigress Sport Ltd to take part in any sailing event or charter. All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions and it is agreed between the Client and the Business that any contracts will be construed in accordance with English Law and the jurisdiction of English Courts.

Information given by the Client via booking form forms the basis of a contract and the Client will be accepting the booking conditions for themselves and members of their party.


- II -  Bookings

Bookings can be made in writing on the booking form and emailed to The Client who signed the booking form shall be liable for all those to whom the booking form applies and in respect of whom the Client was sent an invoice.


- III- Balance of payment

Upon receipt of the booking form and deposit, The Business will send, by return, a confirmation of the booking. Joining instructions will be sent prior to the charter commencement.. Full payment less any prepaid deposit must reach the Business no later than the date agreed. If full payment is not received by the due date the Business reserves the right to cancel the booking without refund and apply the cancellation charges as stated below.


- IV - Cancellation

  1. By the Client

Cancellation by the Client must be in writing and is effective upon receipt by the Business. In the event of cancellation by the Client the following charges shall apply:

  • More than 8 weeks prior to the events start date or the first start date:

Loss of deposit only (the deposit is 50% of the total balance) 

  • Less than 8 weeks in advance of the start date or of the first start date:

 100% of the total balance 


  1. By the Business

In the unlikely event of cancellation by the business,, the Client will be given the choice of an alternate option or yacht where possible. If the Client does not wish to choose an alternate programme/option then a full refund will be given. In the unlikely event that changes to the advertised programme occur, the Business reserves the right to make such changes as required. The Business reserves the right to cancel the charter at any time for any reason including weather conditions and non availability of vessel. No compensation or refund will be paid by the Business to the Client(s) where change and cancellation to the programme is due to Force Majeure or actions of the event organisers. No liability is accepted by the Business for any costs or expenses incurred by the Client in the event of changes to the programme or cancellation by the Business. No liability is accepted by the business for discontinuation of a charter that has stated  due to injury or illness sustained by either the skipper or any of the insured members of the business required to conduct the charter. 

The “charter period” is considered to be the date and  time at which the vessel is agreed to be presented for charter in its correct form to conduct the charter.. The boat being made available to fulfill  the charter period on this date and time is defined as the start of the event/charter.

Should we become aware of any changes to the Client’s charter prior to the start of the charter, the Business will make every effort to inform the Client.


- V – Trip Interruption

The Clients understands that should they leave the yacht, for whatever reason, at a port other than that to which has been agreed in this agreement, the Client will be responsible for all his own travel and related costs. He also understands and agrees that if he is asked to leave the yacht for reasons of lack of competence, inappropriate behavior, crew incompatibility, illness, or the inability to carry out required tasks, which, in skipper's opinion, is endangering the safe  operation of the yacht, the Client will also be responsible for all his own repatriation costs. However, in this event, the Skipper will take all reasonable measures to disembark the Client at a suitable port along the intended route, from which he can arrange his travel home.


- VI - The Clients’ obligations (read in Full)

  1. Details supplied on the booking form are accurate and are completed for all participants. 
  2. The Client is required as a booking condition to take out a personal travel insurance package that includes but is not limited to cover for trip cancellation, injury, medical expense, repatriation, rescue and offshore rescue and holiday travel. The policy  must include cover all of these specifically for yacht racing and/or ocean racing or offshore racing unlimited distance from land for the length of the charter which ever the nature of your event dictates.  The policy should be in place for the entire period of travel including to and from home. The policy must be in place  from the time of booking. The policy must cover the client in all geographical locations that the client will travel though, close to, to or from in relation to the charter.. The Business will recommend an insurance broker but the Client reserves the rights to choose their own and agrees to make the suitable policy available to the Business on request. (N.B Bank, Credit Card or complimentary travel insurance policies tend not to provide cover for any of the above items  associated with this activity.) and your attention is drawn to the fact that unless the policy covers your whole activity, it will not pay out for any part might it be necessary. 
  3. The client is responsible for checking the immigration, visa and entry requirements for travel to any country associated with the booking he/she is making. These include the entry requirements to join the charter but also include the entry and visa requirements for any country the charter is sailing to as a destination. N.B Many counties have different entry requirements if arriving by sea. The entry and visa requirements must be fulfilled for the nationality of passport the client will be using for the charter/event. Lack of correct paperwork to passage will result in the client being unable to start the charter. No refund will be given. 
  4. The client is responsible for conducting and funding all/any testing that is associated with border entry or exit.
  5. The client is responsible for ensuring that they fulfill the vaccination and/or testing requirement to permit entry to the countries involved in the charter. In failure to fulfill this after booking no refund will be given. 
  6. The client is responsible for providing his/her own AIS MOB device if the charter or event he/she is partaking in requires it. (Generally offshore events). 


- VII - Limitation of liability

The Business will accept liability for the negligence of its employees causing injury or death to the extent that it is obliged to under English Law. The Business shall not be liable for any injury, death loss or damage caused by other Client’s, nor will it be responsible for any uninsured losses of the Client’s property, payments or possessions, nor for any illness, injury or death sustained during the Charter.

Clients agree if required to complete a release of liability form before embarking on a charter if required by the Business or the sailing event organizer.


- VIII - Authority

The Client agrees to accept the authority, decisions and instructions of the Business’s Skipper, employees, agents and representatives during the charter.

At all times, the decision of the Skipper is final on all matters. Should the Client interfere with the well being of the Skipper or other Clients during the charter through difficult or disruptive behavior, the Skipper has full authority to dismiss the Agitator from the vessel. In such event, there will be no recourse to any refund. 

The Skipper has full authority to decide when to sail or race, with regard to weather conditions and the well being of the crew, or to return to port after the commencement of a passage/charter due to the above or defects to the yacht, injury, illness  at any time at his discretion and his decision is final. There will be no course for refund. 


- IX - Health

Sailing and yacht racing can be a dangerous activity and requires an average level of fitness and health. Clients may be required to provide a medical certificate to the Business on request at any time. Clients must make known all medical conditions to the businesses skipper including any medications the client is taking, 


- X  - Data protection

The Business will only use the Client’s personal information or contact information for the purpose of arranging the charter or event and informing the Client of relevant forthcoming sailing activities. The business shall not pass the clients personal or contact information to any third party, in the exceptional case where the client may require emergency assistance the business reserves the right to pass the clients personal information including contact details, medical details and next of kin information to the relevant professional emergency or medical services. The Business will not use the clients details in any way which contravenes the GDPR Data Protection Act 2018